Plena means whole and complete. Plena is also a folkloric dance born in the barrios of Ponce, Puerto Rico. With its roots in African music it was transformed into a uniquely Puerto Rican expression by the influences of Jíbaro, native Taino, and European musical traditions. Plena also held an important role in Puerto Rican living as it served to preserve the stories of everyday folks and address important social and political issues.

Aligned with this definition, the PLENA research lab at Arizona State University (ASU)'s Counseling and Counseling Psychology Departmentseeks to produce multiculturally competent research thus giving a voice to psychological narratives that remain alienated and under-represented in research and academia. Through systematic research we intend to explore complex cultural mechanisms that impact the lives of Latinx in the U.S. We are also focused on impacting our neighboring Latinx community by collaborating with local Latinx-serving organizations. 

Members of PLENA are a select team of undergraduate and graduate students, under the guidance of Dr. Cristalís Capielo Rosario. The student members of the team work together to conceptualize new studies, critique, revise existing studies and manuscripts, provide new avenues for advocacy and outreach, and provide support to colleagues.


Newest PLENA Publications!

Capielo Rosario, C., Schaefer, A., Ballesteros, J., Renteria, R., & David, EJ.R. (in press). A caballo regalao no se le mira el colmillo: Colonial mentality and Puerto Rican depression. Journal of Counseling Psychology. https://psycnet.apa.org/fulltext/2019-20537-001.html

Capielo Rosario, C., Adames, H. Y., Chavez-Dueñas, N. Y., & Renteria, R. (2019). Acculturation Profiles of Central Florida Puerto Ricans: Examining the Influence of Skin Color, Perceived Ethnic-Racial Discrimination, and Neighborhood Ethnic-Racial Composition. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. https://doi.org/10.1177/0022022119835979

Capielo Rosario, C. & Frank, D. (in press). Ni de aquí, ni de allá: Puerot Rican acculturation-acculturative stress profiles and depression. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. doi: 10.1037/cdp0000272

Capielo Rosario, C., Abreu, R. L., González, K. A., & Cárdenas Bautista, E. (in press). That Day No One Spoke: Florida Puerto Rican reactions to Hurricane María. The Counseling Psychologist.

Capielo Rosario, C., Lance, C., Delgado-Romero, E. A., & Domenech Rodríguez, M. M. (2018). Acculturated and Aculturaos: Testing bidimensional acculturation across Central Florida and island Puerto Ricans. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.

Domenech Rodríguez, M. M., Gallardo, M., Capielo, C., Romero, E. D., & Field, L. (in press). NLPA Ethical Guidelines. Journal of Latinx Psychology. 

Delgado-Romero, E., Unkefer, E. N. S., Capielo, C., & Crowell, C. N. (2017). El que oye consejos, llega a viejo: Examining the published life narratives of U.S. Latino/a psychologists. Journal of Latina/o Psychology, 5(3), 127-141. doi:http://dx.doi.org.ezproxy1.lib.asu.edu/10.1037/lat0000071.


Recognitions and News

Dr. Capielo Rosario talks about what is behind the protests in Puerto Rico and the U.S. demanding the resignation of Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Roselló Nevares (read interview with AZ Central and interview with Cronkite News-PBS Arizona).

That Day No One Spoke: Florida Puerto Rican reactions to Hurricane María (Capielo Rosario, Abreu, Gonzalez, & Cardenas Bautista, in press) receives the Section for Ethnic & Racial Diversity (SCP /Division 17) Outstanding Contribution to Scholarship on Race/Ethnicity Award.

Congratulations to Jorge Ballesteros, on the publication of this master’s thesis. Ballesteros, J., Blom, L., & Capielo Rosario, C., Bolin, J., & Aegisdottir, S. (in press). High school athletes’ race, personality, expectations, and attitudes regarding sport psychology consulting. Journal of Sport Psychology.

PLENA Research gets featured in NBC Latino. Hurricane Maria caused trauma but fuels purpose among mainland Puerto Ricans, study finds.

Dr. Capielo Rosario invited to be a consulting editor for Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.

Dr. Capielo Rosario joins the 2019 editorial board for the Journal of Latinx Psychology.

Thank you to Jorge Ballesteros for serving the NLPA 2018 Student Representative in the Conference Planning Committee.

Congratulations, Roberto Renteria for receiving the NLPA 2018 Student Scholarship award. This award recognizes the scholarly accomplishments of NLPA student members and provides monetary assistance for students presenting at the NLPA 2018 Conference in San Diego, California.

Dr. Capielo Rosario shares findings of her latest research project on the psychological impact of Hurricane María on Puerto Ricans who were indirectly affected by the storm, "A year after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans in Phoenix say 'healing is still needed'"

Research Opportunities

Students interested in gaining individual instruction research credits can do so my enrolling in PSY 499 Class # 93423.

This is a great opportunity for students to be socialized into multicultural psychological research (e.g., conference participation), learn research skills (e.g., data coding, analyzing), and be engaged in community research collaborations