[Un]documented: Growing up in a intragenerational mixed status Latinx home

Hurricane Maria and Diaspora Puerto Ricans

Colonial Mentality and Health

The study aims to understand an individual's personal experience as a documented/undocumented/DACA/permanent resident with a sibling of different documentation status. To participate, please contact Amber Schaefer (; 321-431-5772) or Dr. Cristalís Capielo Rosario (

Our team is currently examining the reaction of diaspora Puerto Ricans had of devastation Hurricane Maria caused in Puerto Rico. 


We are currently working on identifying nuanced manisfestations of colonial oppression (colonial mentality) among Puerto Ricans and how these in turn affect mental and physical health outcomes. Our most recent work on this area (manuscript under review) examined the association between colonial mentality and depression symptoms among mainland Puerto Ricans. 

A meta-analysis of Latinx anxiety, depression, and acculturation

Despite the preponderance of literature on the relationship between acculturation and Latinx mental health outcomes, results are inconclusive. Thus, the team is currently working on statistically reviewing and synthesizing the association between acculturation and Latinx depression and anxiety via meta-analysis.